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We all strive to make a success of our businesses and it’s therefore important that our business and personal tax affairs are structured in a tax efficient way to maximise the funds available for continued investment in and growth of the business and for the reward and security of ourselves and our families.  

By establishing a relationship with us, you will be taking the first step to improving the tax efficiency of your business and personal tax affairs.


Personal and corporate tax planning

We aren’t talking about contrived tax planning schemes here, we are talking about liaising with us as your trusted advisor on an ongoing basis, all year round to ensure that:

  • All available allowances and reliefs are claimed;
  • Where possible payments on account are reduced e.g. if profits are down mid-year, your expected taxable profits are down due to capital purchases, etc we can apply to reduce your payments on account which are paid 31st January and 31st July, so that you benefit from this tax reduction as soon as possible rather than waiting for a tax refund months down the line when your tax return is prepared.
  • The impact of the timing of proposed transactions is considered before they are made.  This in itself can produce huge tax savings and sometimes it is only a question of moving the timing of a transaction by a number of days or weeks;
  • Proposed transactions are structured in the most tax efficient manner, including your personal extraction of profits;
  • You are aware of your future personal and corporate tax liabilities well in advance so that you can prepare for them;
  • And so on.


Estate planning

As you have spent your working life acquiring assets and wealth for the use, enjoyment and security of you and your family, it is understandable that you wish to maximise how much of this is passed on to your loved ones in the event of your death.

If you are concerned that your estate may currently be subject to inheritance tax charges please get in touch with us.  We can review your estate with you and recommend options available to you in order to reduce inheritance tax.  This is something which is very personal and tailored to your circumstances and wishes.

  • Support Available for Business Owners in Relation to the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic/ 18th March

    While we may not be able to physically join hands at the moment given the current social distancing measures, as business owners we can all virtually join together to help and support each other as much as we can. Hopefully, you will have seen the statement issued by the Prime Minister and Chancellor on 17th March 2020, outlining the additional support they are making available for businesses.  These measures include: Cash Grants and Loans

  • Our March 2020 Budget Review for Business Owners/ 11th March

    Not only have we had the news that interest rates have been cut from 0.75% to 0.25% today, Rishi Sunak has also delivered his first Budget, which we’ve been awaiting with interest. It’s the detail that is important, not just those few points that make the headlines.  So, here is our summary of the key points for business owners.   Budget Summary for Business Owners   The main income tax and corporation tax rates and thresholds remain unchanged. Entrepreneurs’ Relief We’re pleased to see that Entrepreneurs’ Relief has been retained.

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