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Our payroll bureau can look after all of your payroll needs.  The processing of payroll for your own business, can be a laborious task as you need to keep up to date with changing legislation and every time you have a new starter or someone goes on maternity leave, etc it feels like the first time you’ve handled it.  It can therefore be more cost effective than you think to outsource your payroll processing to our experienced team, so please give us a call.

We offer you the opportunity to provide your team with access to a secure online portal through Xero, which they can use to view their payslips.  Employees therefore have the information they need on hand anytime they need it and the task of distributing paper payslips is removed.  The portal can also be used to track annual leave for your team, as they are able to login and request leave and see the number of days they have remaining.

We are happy to provide payroll services as a standalone service, if you don’t wish to change accountants at this time, but this is a service that your current advisor doesn’t offer.


P11Ds and Benefits in Kind

Our payroll bureau can also prepare P11Ds to report the benefits in kind that your business has provided e.g. company cars, private medical insurance, etc.  As well as reporting the benefits provided, we can forecast what the future tax and NIC cost of the benefits will be in coming years due to planned changes in legislation and suggest options which may lower the tax and NIC cost.  Having access to such information will help you to decide whether you consider the benefits to still be desirable and make any changes you see fit.

We can prepare P11Ds for your business, even if you prepare the payroll in house as this is a distinct standalone task.

  • How much do accountants charge?/ May 26, 2022

    Well, we’re definitely in how long is a piece of string territory here, but here’s what you should know! Make sure you read to the bottom to find out how we calculate your fees in an open and transparent way here at Reach.  We make sure that you have the level of support you and your business need, with the security of a fixed monthly fee you can rely on.   The factors that impact your accountancy fees I’m sure it’s no surprise that there are multiple factors that will affect your fee, of course starting with which services you need.  The fee for each service will then be affected by your specific circumstances.  For example:

  • Support Available for Business Owners in Relation to the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic/ March 18, 2020

    While we may not be able to physically join hands at the moment given the current social distancing measures, as business owners we can all virtually join together to help and support each other as much as we can. Hopefully, you will have seen the statement issued by the Prime Minister and Chancellor on 17th March 2020, outlining the additional support they are making available for businesses.  These measures include: Cash Grants and Loans

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