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In order for you to manage your business to the best of your ability, you need to be well informed.  If you are constantly battling the unexpected, you can’t possibly address issues as effectively as if you had clear information presented to you and had the opportunity to discuss with a professional the options available to you and the potential unknown financial impact of your decisions.  That’s why we developed Reach Foresight.  Clients benefit from:


Fixed fees and monthly payments

We operate on a fixed fee basis which means that you won’t be met with unexpected fees.  You can rest assured the meter won’t start running the minute you pick up the phone to ask for help.  So please do get in touch to put your mind at rest and have confidence in the business decisions you make.  With the knowledge, security and freedom that you get from working with Reach, you give yourself the best chance of going on to even greater success.

Our fees are paid by monthly standing order, allowing you to spread the cost throughout the year.  It also gives you access to the team at Reach all year round and removes any barrier to you getting in touch with us.


Forecast tax liabilities and tax optimisation

Gone are the days of last minute surprise tax bills.  By having a relationship with our clients throughout the year, we are in a great position to forecast your tax liabilities.  You can then budget for these and incorporate them into your cashflow forecasts.

Also, not only are we forecasting your tax bills so that you are better prepared for them, we are working with you to minimise them.  We do this by advising on the optimum timing of transactions, ensuring that available allowances are utilised as fully as possible, etc.  Importantly, we also make sure that you are aware of the tax consequences of your decisions, before you make them.  We achieve this by offering you access to the team for advice all year round, as explained above.


Review of bookkeeping system

We will review your current bookkeeping system and suggest improvements where appropriate.  We are also keen to discuss any frustrations you have with your current system.  It may be the case that an alternative system will better suit your needs and we can discuss your options with you.  Of course you always have the option of outsourcing your record keeping to us.  Bookkeeping frequently isn’t the best use of your time or your team’s.  Free yourselves up to do what you are great at and allow us to take care of your paperwork.

We are big fans of cloud based software, which allows both you and us as your advisor, to access key information anytime, anywhere.  It also offers significant increases in efficiency.  We are therefore a Xero Partner and a Xero Certified Practice.  As such, we are fully qualified to advise and assist you. 

If you would like to explore the benefits of cloud accounting or outsourcing your bookkeeping to us, please get in touch.  We will be happy to advise you.


Responsive preparation of accounts

For your accounts to be of any real value, they need to be prepared in a timely manner, not weeks before the filing deadline.  Reporting on historical figures and events is only meaningful if you are still able to address any issues that arise.  If business has taken a dip and the solvency of the business is weakening, you need to be aware as soon as possible.  You can then take action to remedy the situation and limit your personal exposure.

This is also where management accounts are helpful to the running of your business.  Often business owners have a good understanding of the current cashflow position of their business.  However, this doesn’t always reflect the profitability of the business.  You can have cash in the bank today, but still be loss making. 

We are able to provide you with management accounts in a format to suit your business and your personal preferences.  The purpose of management accounts is to give you a better understanding of your business.  They can be focussed on graphical representations, key performance indicators or numerical analysis.  We will talk you through your options.  We will also help you to determine whether monthly, quarterly or bi-annual management accounts are most appropriate.  This will depend on your needs, your businesses performance, risk factors and your budget.


Proactive, constructive advice

We are passionate about helping business owners achieve the success they strive for.  There is no greater reward.  That is why we are focussed on having meaningful relationships with our clients, so that we are best placed to advise them.  With our support and advice, whether that be in the form of monthly board meetings or phone calls to allay their concerns, our clients are confident that they are making well-informed business decisions, to give their business the greatest opportunity to be thrive!